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RazorGunZ BETA 2.0... and some other things.
AirDate: Friday, 2008-10-31, 8:23 PM | Message # 1
RazerGunZ Developer
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Well, this isn’t going to be easy for me, for some reasons that you will read about but here it goes.

The release of RazorGunZ BETA 2.0 is finally here. I apologize again for the length of time that it took to complete this stage of the project but there are a couple reasons for this. Firstly, I am (for reasons unknown to me) the ONLY developer for RazorGamers. RazorScape died, the Maplestory server never really got off the ground and for GunZ and I’m the only one there. This may be because no one else is qualified for the job, but that’s okay. I would rather do the whole job myself than having to re-do most of someone else’s job.

Then, I was admitted to the hospital because I had appendicitis. (For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s when a little part of your digestive tract that was used when we were hunter/gatherers that scientist believe was used for digesting seeds that our stomach could not digest. It contains very strong acids to digest these seeds. Appendicitis is when this little organ explodes. You feel excruciating pain and a surgeon has to remove the appendix and clean up the mess it made when it exploded.) It took me two weeks to recover (they were telling me it could take over a month!) and then another week before I was feeling back to normal.

Next, school started. My homework load has doubled and I’m finding I don’t have a lot of time for my personal interests. The final reason was because my interests have changed. For the past couple of moths, I have been playing World of Warcraft. Between all these events, I have (somehow) managed to find time to complete BETA 2.0.

All of these events have contributed to the final decision that I made a while ago. I am, unfortunately, retiring from developing RazorGunZ and relinquishing my admin status on all servers and the forum. This is a personal decision, flame me all you like, it’s not bringing me back. We had some good times here at RazorGamers (I think) but it was mostly me and the staff. No one else played the servers when they were up, even after accounts were created. The most we ever had on the GunZ server at once was maybe 5 people. And that was almost all staff; there were maybe two normal players on. A big thanks to NightWolf for being there for me when testing parts of the server and doing any research I needed done. He was probably the most active moderator… but I’m not sure what happened to him.

The GunZ install has been uploaded on two sites and you can download it if you want, but the server IPs are blank and you will not be able to connect to anything. I am attaching the install file on a trust basis, that no one will take my work. Because if I check out another server and find my screens being used without my permission, I will hunt you down. This does not apply to any staff for RazorGamers who feel they will take over the project, as long as the name stays the same.

Thank you for reading this, and in closing, I will leave some information. If you want to talk to me, ever, download xFire and add “rzgair” (without the quotation marks, obviously). You can talk to me whenever I’m on, but if you try to flame me, I will block you. If you ask me about why I left, I will block you. These are just warnings for your own information. Also, any staff who have my MSN address? Delete it, that e-mail’s going dormant as soon as I can get it deleted. You won’t find me again, unless I want you to. The IPs displayed on this site? I can change mine anytime.

I may be checking back on RazorGamers occasionally, but it won’t be under “Air”. You won’t know me unless I choose to tell you. I’ll just be hanging around, checking to see how the server will keep going without me. Just because I’m leaving doesn’t mean the server should shut down. Someone else can take up developing, and they may be better than I was, I don’t know. I’ll also be checking this thread occasionally, to see what you guys have to say. Go ahead, flame if you want, but just remember that this won’t be the end of RazorGamers unless you let it be, and that nothing lasts forever.

Final posting from
~Air, One-time RazorGunZ Owner/Developer.

GunZ Client Upload Links:
2Shared - Link
Megaupload - [url=\]Link2[/url]

Add my XFire >>> rzgair <<<

Forum » General » Announcements » RazorGunZ BETA 2.0... and some other things.
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