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Diaz~App for GM
DiazDate: Monday, 2009-05-11, 3:31 PM | Message # 1
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Couldnt post a thread in App Spot i dont know if it is closed or if it is locked for me, But here is my app.

1.:. What is your name? (Optional)

2.:.Sex (Male/Female)

3.:. How we can contact you (MSN, AOM etc)

4.:. What is your GunZ in-game name?

5A.:. Have you played IJJI GunZ?

5B.:. If yes, for how long (years/months)
3-4 Years

6.:. What is your average daily playing time?
5-10 hours a day

7.:. What hours do you normally play?

8.:.What is your time zone?

9.:. Describe yourself in 3 words

10.:.Where do you live? (City, Province, Country)
Bronx NewYork.

11 .:. How old are you? (Minimum 13 years of age)

12A.:.Do you have past experience as a Moderator?
GM in EG, Forum GM then Co-owner in IG, Co-owner in Blood Gunz but got hacked.

12B.:. If so, where and for how long? (Please include evidence; websites, screenshots.)
like 1-2 years, and umm when you add my MSN i will give you the Pictures of my being Staff in Gunz, dont know how to put in on this site. Lol Sorry.

13.:.Why do you think we should choose you?
im Mature,
i dont have a bad Ego
i could Donate sometimes
im responsible
and more.

14.:. Skills (Coding, Java/HTML; GFX) Not In-Game skills
Not really much as a Coder and Dev type...But if i have to know how to i will learn.

15.:. Some of your work (Pictures, code samples etc.)

16.:. How you would help RazorGunZ
i will make sure Razor Gunz is Clean from all Hackers,swappers,glitchers,spammers, ect. and Invite people, and lastly make sure the vote everyday.

17.:.Include anything else you want to tell us about yourself here.

Hi my name is Chris im 15 years old, i live with my mom in Boston..But born in Atlanta, Raised in Bronx NewYork, Moved to Boston, Moving to Canton soon. i have a Cat and name is kitty lol, [FYI, i didnt name him...:P] my cat is annoying and bothers me alot..comes to me and says Meow untill i yell at him, i also live with my sister we get along most of the time. Other sister and brother moved out they are grown, got there own place where ever they are. cool See them on Holidays.

Also want to say and repeat,
I Know all the GM commands,If there are any new ones from your server update im willing to Learn <3.

I'm Mature
I have a great personality
Would donate like crazy
I have 0 tolerance for hackers </3
I know all the staff commands
I can help make the community a better hacker free and problem less place
I can help people solve problems
Keep the peace
You can trust me
I have a great sense of humor
I know when to be serious and when to play
I am extremely active
I wont abuse gm weps nor commands
I have experience in hosting events and i can keep the players busy and happy

Yours Truly,


sum12nvDate: Friday, 2009-07-03, 3:07 PM | Message # 2
Group: Users
Messages: 25
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didn't u read u have to have 25 post's.
jeez. u real smart.

Sup. if ur wondering bout my avatar i made it myself.
I'm also xX[H]3@\/@/\/Xx
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