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AirDate: Friday, 2008-07-18, 9:59 PM | Message # 1
RazerGunZ Developer
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Well, I'm posting this to inform everyone that Sasha is no longer a member of the staff here at RazorGamers. She did not really give me a reason why she left, but if she is still active on the forums maybe she can give us an answer. It is really too bad, I think she would have made the community stronger and bring in more people. But now she is gone, and me must move on.

Edit: Well, I think i have a reason why she left. I think it was because i didnt like some of her ideas. I guess i could tell everyone what they are, and why i turned them down. I just hope you won't hate me for it.

Well, apparently her brother is like... IT person, and he has "connections". Sasha was offering a dedicated hoster (wich we already have, tho no-one plays on it) and a vBulliten forum (i kinda like the forum as is). I don't really remember how much it was, but it was upwards of $100 for what she was offering. ($70 for vBulliten for 6 months, and i dont know hoe much for the dedicated). So, i declined her offer after a few days of thinking about it, because i wasn't willing to spend that kind of money. "We have a dedicated hoster already" i said, but i don't think she thought that that was good enough. I know some of you would say "let us be able to donate for items, and you can do all this". Well guys, i have a problem with this. I have a problem taking people's money and giving them things that arn't even real. It just doesnt make sense. I think it would cause too many problems with people being upset if they don't get the item or whatever else would happen.

~Air, RazorGunZ Owner/Developer

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nielsjeDate: Saturday, 2008-07-19, 6:06 AM | Message # 2
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Oh my god, i will miss her.


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OmegaStarDate: Saturday, 2008-07-19, 11:36 PM | Message # 3
Group: In-Game Mods
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Awww, that sucks...i hope she can let us know why she left.

sum12nvDate: Friday, 2009-07-03, 3:16 PM | Message # 4
Group: Users
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soz. im new hu's sasha?

Sup. if ur wondering bout my avatar i made it myself.
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Forum » General » General descussion » [Leaving]Sasha
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